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Cold is not a disease but a symptom or a sign of other diseases, such as influenza, indigestion, or malaria. Cold is a common disorder that occurs in every person that is caused by several things such as rain, lack of sleep, exposed to wind the night, an empty stomach, or indigestion that is not good. Sign in wind that was characterized by abdominal bloating, the body feels uncomfortable, cold sweat, nausea, and sometimes accompanied by vomiting.

Below the herbal concoction that can be used to overcome the cold:


20 grams ginger, sliced
30 grams galangal, sliced
2 stalks lemongrass
10 grains pimento
6 cardamom grains
Palm sugar

Wash all ingredients.
Boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc.
Remove and strain.
Drink decoction while warm, 2 times a day.

- Complete Herbal Remedy Conquer Disease (Prof. HM Hembing Wijayakusuma)

Vitamin K

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Vitamin K is a generic name for a few materials needed for normal blood clotting. Its basic form is vitamin K1 (filokuinon), contained in plants, especially green leafy vegetables. Bacteria in the lower small intestine and bacteria in the colon produce vitamin K2 (menakuinon), which can be absorbed in limited amounts.

Hemorrhagic disease in newborns is characterized by tendency to bleed, is the basic form of vitamin K. This happens because:

- The placenta does not deliver fat and vitamin K well
- The function of the liver of the newborn is still not ripe to produce blood clotting factors are sufficient (clotting factors are proteins that facilitate blood clotting and require vitamin K)
- The intestines do not have the bacteria that produce vitamin K during the first days of infant
- Breast milk contains little vitamin K.

An injection of vitamin K should be given to the newborn baby to protect from this disease.
Infants who received breast milk, that has not received an injection of vitamin K at birth, are particularly vulnerable to deficiency of vitamin K.

Because vitamin K are fat soluble, diseases associated with the absorption of fat, can cause vitamin K deficiency in children and adults:

- Disease seliak
- Fibrostik cystic.

Mineral oil consumed in excessive amounts can also prevent the absorption of vitamin K. Vitamin K deficiency also occurs in people who take anticoagulant medication to prevent blood clots.

The main symptoms are bleeding (into the skin, the nose, from a wound or in the stomach), which is accompanied by vomiting.